In-plane line cut on graphs y-axis not resizing to data when mouse moves vertically

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Issue #11 closed
Mark Holton created an issue

Hi Marc,

A minor bug I just noticed. When using the in-plane line cut facility on a graph, the data is laid out and the vertical axis re-sizes fine as long as the mouse changes the x-axis value. If the mouse is moved vertically and the data point values within the line's points decrease below the maximum, or increase above the minimum, the y-axis does not re-size.

Image file attached showing the image's maximum present in the area of the blue line with the in-plane line being clipped.

There was no selection below to reduce the priority of this bug below 'trivial'!



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  1. M. Gronle

    Hi Mark,

    it might be that I found the error leading to your reported issue. I could not reproduce your described scenario but a similar scenario. I fixed one thing in the itom1DQwtPlot. Hope this also solves the behaviour you mentioned above. Maybe you can update your designerPlugin repository and rebuild the designerPlugins in order to check this (if you have time).



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