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Oliver Schwanke created an issue

Creating some installer for a customer of ours,

i found the ITOM _VERSION_STRING was reverse-regexed from some global.h file.

A better approach ,and likely more standard, would be to do it as in

Also some git info could easily be retrieved and placed in that version/global header to be available to more plugins at cpp compiletime.

Are you interested?

May i implement this?

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  1. M. Gronle

    It would be great if you could implement a proposal for this. Since we have now CMake 3.1 as minimal requirement, the project( VERSION…) tag is now available.

    Git information are currently fetched via a python script, called by CMake. They are placed in the version.h, that is also exposed to the SDK and then accessible
    to plugins (however: do plugins really need git information of itom?? Usually plugins should mainly rely on the addin-interface-version number and maybe the
    designerplugin-interface version number, since they define the binary compatibility). The itom version is currently exposed to plugins / designerplugins by the itom_sdk.h
    file, which is the major header file to properly identify the itom SDK.

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