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Issue #34 new
M. Gronle created an issue
  • Main development with Qt5, Python 3.4 (+pip) (done)
  • Python package installer for whl-files using pip (done)
  • Setup should automatically install these whl-files (done)
  • Unified parameter naming convention of all plugins (e.g. conform to GeniCam SFNC)
  • check if read/write lock of dataObject can be removed (done)
  • info mail to manufacturer of supported hardware components
  • overall live image / snipped / single or multiacquisition dialog for cameras
  • GUIs for data filtering
  • color palette editor (GUI and Python)
  • GIL for Python, direct access to Python workspace by workspace widgets, other parts of the GUI, via API-functions...
  • plot1(...), plot2(...), plotIso(...) methods as wrapper for general plot(...) function
  • histogram plot widget (modified 1DQwtPlot to lock like histogramm)
  • assign given plots in UI for possible linecuts, z-stack-cuts... of 2d plots (done)
  • check and merge ximea and ximea_improvements (done)
  • semi-adjustable splash screen
  • Mac OS X support (done)
  • pre-select last user in user dialog at restart (name of user logged in to the computer is pre-selected)
  • add filter description and parameters in documentation of plugins (done)
  • add method to prepend coding-line to script (done)
  • mark line in editor where the cursor is implicitely set to (by search, navigation toolbar...) (done)
  • if package pywin32 is installed (not managed by pypi.python.org) the update-search function of pip package manager stops with a global error.
  • provide +,+=,-,-=,,= for complex128 scalar in data object and enable this option in python as well
  • write an unittest for dataObject::sqrt and ::pow
  • globally set the number of threads for omp parellelized code in algorithm plugins

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