QDesigner crash at startup with Qt 5.6.1 (Windows)

Issue #50 resolved
Johann Krauter
created an issue

With Qt 5.6.1, the qdesigner.exe does not properly start (process starts, but GUI not) if the designer widget DLL qwebengineview.dll in qt/msvc2013_64/plugins/designer is available. This file can temporarily be removed.

We have to wait for a fix for this issue: https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-53984

Hopefully Qt 5.6.2 will fix this.

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  1. Johann Krauter reporter

    itom can not be build, if this dll-file is deleted, because the CMAKE searches for this file. WORKAROUND: delete the dll-file as written before and create a dummy dll-file with the same name (qwebengineview.dll). 🌈

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