Windows 8 default font too large for predesigned QT forms from Windows 7/XP

Issue #6 resolved
Former user created an issue

Not a bug/fault as such, but designing a form in Windows XP/7 with text boxes/labels with closely fitting checkboxes, can result in the text over-riding the checkbox as the default font in Windows 8 is larger than that in previous versions of Windows. Not sure if you have any control over the font size in forms created in QT designer, but thought I'd mention this. [I have had the same issue in MatLab] I have mentioned this to Marc W.

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  1. M. Gronle

    Hi, thanks for this report. Until now we don't use itom too much with Windows 8. But I will check this and also talk to Marc W about the problem. Do you only have this problem with user-defined interfaces, created by Qt Designer or is the entire GUI of itom affected by this problem?

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