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Issue #80 wontfix
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Every time I tried to "git clone", clone process ended up in failure , I just wonder if you could kindly put your itom source into your all-in-one-build-setup zip-archive directly.

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  1. M. Gronle

    Up to now, I never had a problem cloning a repository. The clone process will only fail, if you are behind a proxy server. Then you have to configure git properly, before starting the all-in-one-build-setup. You can download the current snapshot of the sources from

    It is probably not a good idea to include the sources into the zip-archive, because the setup there has been built to setup an environment with the cloned git repository. However, you can manually download the current snapshots of itom, the plugins and designerplugins and unzip them into the correct folders (base-folder/sources/itom, base-folder/sources/plugins, base-folder/sources/designerplugins). Then jump over the git-clone-step in the all-in-one-build-setup and continue the step "cmake configure, generate and make".

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