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kraagg created an issue

For additional users it is possible to create a password. But for the default "Standard user" it is not possible to set a password. And it is also not possible to delete the user. For a good user management system it is necessary that the "Standard user", that has all permissions in the software, could also be assigned with a password. Ortherwise a restriction of user permission is not possible as everybody can access the "Standard user" with all permissions.

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  1. M. Gronle

    It should be possible to add an optional password to the standard user (although it is no real, perfect password protection; it only prevents users to “easily” start with a password protected profile. Removing the standard user will be possible, too, however then it can be than nobody can start itom anymore with all privileges. Would it be sufficient to only add an optional password to the standard user?

    If you really want to remove the standard user it could be possible to simply delete the itom.ini profile from the itomSettings folder (we have to check this, since I am not sure if itom.ini will be rebuild if it does not exist).


  2. ckohler

    Hi Marc,

    as far as I remember itom.ini is rebuilt in case it is not present.



    Am 11.06.2019 um 17:39 schrieb M. Gronle:

  3. kraagg reporter

    Hi Marc,

    an weak password protection would be sufficient. For the new users the password also has a weak protection. The intention is, that not everybody can startup with a password protected profile. And yes, an optional password, that can be set, if necessary would be great.


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