Ximea API 3.16

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Issue #10 new
Oliver Schwanke created an issue

Hi changed some things in the project generator when i found that the

API Version switch(USE_API_3_16) for 3.16 is just broken and the project won’t even compile.

May we either fix this switch or just remove anything that is related to it?

For the moment i just emit a compiler message that this switch is not supported,

PR will follow soon

Ximea.cpp ca. L1366 refers to integration_time which is not even defined when using USE_API_3_16 switch.

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  1. M. Gronle

    Two questions from my side:

    • Can the API “4.15 or newer”, which is also available in CMake be a new default, since it is supported by the latest XIMEA API?
    • It would vote for removing the legacy support for 3.16 in order to also overcome the mentioned bug? @Robin Hahn : what do you think?

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