In order to install please follow the below steps: 1. composer require itpassionltd/laravel-geo-information

This will install the package in your vendor directory.

If you have laravel >= 5.5 you can skip ahead to step 3.

  1. Add ITPassionLtd\Laravel\GeoInfo\GeoInfoServiceProvider::class to the providers array in config/app.php

This will give the package an opportunity to register itself with Laravel

  1. Run php artisan migrate to install the database tables

  2. Run php artisan db:seed --class=ITPassionLtd\\Laravel\\GeoInfo\\Seeds\\GeoInfoTablesSeeders to seed the created tables

That's it: The installation is finished now


Simply use ITPassionLtd\\Laravel\\GeoInfo\\App\\Country to use the Country Model in your code.


Seeding: Finsih the GeoInfoCountriesTableSeeder Create the GeoInfoTablesSeeder

Create the following APIs: GET countries GET countries/{country}

Create tables and seeders for Regions Languages * Currency Symbols