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love-ng / src / modules / sound / lullaby / Mpg123Decoder.h

Author Commit Message Date Builds
Bill Meltsner
bringing in the new year by changing every 2010 to 2011
Bill Meltsner
removed user-specified sample rates for Decoders
Fixed mp3 playback on linux and added support for mono mp3s
Updated all dates to 2010.
Major developments to love.audio/love.sound. Music and Sound are gone. There are only Sources now, which is much cleaner. The audio module was not really stable in 0.6.0, it takes very little messing around to cause OpenAL to do horrible things. It should now be much more stable, and you *should* be able to play/stop/pause/resume/rewind/loop like a madman without disasters. Seek and tell, however, are still not tested and verified for all decoders, but that's less important. Also, all objects now have object:type() a…
made building from source on OS X a hell of a lot easier - no more .dylibs, and all the header files are contained in the frameworks (as they should be!)
Fixed mp3 looping
Fixed file not closing after require(). Changed seek() to use seconds.
Initial Mercurial commit.