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piMath / Status

Each version should add a specific functionality with the aim to have a working package in every step.

Current Status

Major refactoring taking place behind the scenes. Work is slow however due to limited free time.

Current Version 0.1prebeta

  • (change) vector API allows element-wise operations (+, -, *, /) with vectors and sequences
  • User friendly context managing (done)
  • Developer's guide (pending)
  • Documentation (updated to reflect changes)
  • Benchmarking for vectors (partial)
  • Accuracy tests for vectors (pending)
  • BLAS pure python interface (very early development stage)

Version 0.1dev

  • The basic vector API and easy to use wrapper classes are available.
  • Example vector implementations sub-classing build-in list and tuple types are provided
  • Example vector implementations wrapping list, tuple, array and dict (sparse vector) types are provided.
  • Vector basic test-suite classes (clean-up is needed)
  • User friendly context managing (pending)
  • Documentation (work in progress)
  • Developer's guide (pending)
  • Vectors using Decimal numbers (done)
  • Accuracy tests for vectors (pending)
  • Benchmarking for vectors (pending)


  • Matrix class (dense and sparse)
  • Extended Blas Interface (pure python)
  • Vector/Matrix based on mpmath and numpy
  • Vector/Matrix based on files

Far in the Future

  • Linear Algebra methods