repository_stash_branch_0 always returns "develop"

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Issue #10 resolved
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repository_stash_branch_0 always returns "develop" even if i go to Run->Run Customized and enter another branch...

We are using this bamboo version: Bamboo version information Version5.11.1.1 Build number51117 Build date4/28/16

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  1. Julius Hutuleac repo owner


    the variables exposed by the plugin depend on how you use the GIT integration and usually are populated by Bamboo based on the repository configuration, running customised doesnt change that. I would suggest to set loggin level to debug for the package "org.valens", this should print all variables injected in the groovy context and you can see what is available to use. Sometimes Bamboo will set "git" variables instead of stash or "bitbucket" but is highly dependendant on your setup.

    Best regards, Julius

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