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Issue #2 resolved
Mark de Bont [TMC] created an issue

When using Bamboo's (5.9.1) "Inject Bamboo variables configuration" to inject variables from a property file I can not evaluate the variables correctly.

Example (copy from the log):

30-Sep-2015 13:18:43 GroovyShell bindings: 30-Sep-2015 13:18:43 groovyVariableName=Condition 30-Sep-2015 13:18:43 inject.FW_S2L=6.20

Then I try to evaluate:

return inject.FW_S2L[1]=='6.20'

I get: (copy from the log):

30-Sep-2015 13:18:43 Groovy Shell starting 30-Sep-2015 13:18:43 Groovy script return inject.FW_S2L[1]=='6.20' evaluated to [null] 30-Sep-2015 13:18:43 Disabling task [SKIPME]

Instead of TRUE/FALSE

cc @iuliushutuleac

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