Question on format of regular expresson in order to disable tasks

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Issue #5 resolved
Mark de Bont [TMC] created an issue

I've used the string "SKIPME" in the Task Matcher field to skip tasks. And this works fine. I want to use something like SKIPME* or SKIPME$ , /SKIPME$/ to still be using the description field. But this does not seems to function.

Is there a particular regex format I need to use?

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  1. Julius Hutuleac repo owner

    I use this for example:

    script: def mask=".master.|.develop."; try{ if (repository_git_branch_0.equalsIgnoreCase("master")) mask=".develop.|.feature."; if (repository_git_branch_0.equalsIgnoreCase("develop") || repository_git_branch_0.equalsIgnoreCase("feature.integrated.")) mask=".master.|.feature."; }catch(Throwable e){}; try{ if (repository_stash_branch_0.equalsIgnoreCase("master")) mask=".develop.|.feature."; if (repository_stash_branch_0.equalsIgnoreCase("develop") || repository_stash_branch_0.equalsIgnoreCase("feature.integrated.")) mask=".master.|.feature."; }catch(Throwable e){}; return mask;

    It would return something like: .master.|.feature.

    And I name my tasks:

    Task for master branch Task for develop branch Task for features branch

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