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usage of 'child' slot

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     //copy what is not present in 'to'
       .findAll |f| { toFileNames.all |t| { !t.equalsIgnoreCase(f) } }
-      .each { (File(from.uri + it.toUri, false)).copyInto(to) }
+      .each { child(from, it).copyInto(to) }
     //find intersection
     toFileNames.intersection(fromFileNames).each |c| { 
-      fromChild := File(from.uri + c.toUri, false)
-      toChild := File(to.uri + c.toUri, false)
+      fromChild := child(from, c)
+      toChild := child(to, c)
       if(fromChild.isDir != toChild.isDir) 
       if(fromChild.isDir) sync(fromChild, toChild)
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