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+# TTS Engine using Google Translate #
+## An extension for Google Chrome ##
+Chrome includes a text-to-speech system, which uses Microsoft's system
+built into Windows, or appropriate systems on other platforms. Additional
+voice engines can be written as extensions for Chrome.
+What do I do with a thing I have absolutely no knowledge about? Naturally,
+I go and hack around it. So using Google's Console TTS Engine example,
+I quickly whipped together something that uses HTML5 Audio to play
+sounds fetched directly from Google Translate's private, internal and
+absolutely in no way publicly documented text-to-speech service.
+Being an undocumented, private, internal API, this text-to-speech service
+may change or break any moment. Your use of this extension is at your
+own risk.
+Extension's code is nasty. Dead code was not removed. There's very
+obvious sentence splitting bugs. And I don't care. ;-)
+* Author: Ivan Vučica -
+* Extension's mini web site: