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I had to fix some problems with the gnustep-back port (add some X library dependencies to the Portfile, and attach a patch for which is in SVN but not yet in any releases.) I've attached my modified gnustep-back portfile and patch. With those changes I was also able to get SystemPreferences to install and run :-). (commit done by, comment pasted from email)
Ivan Vučica
Switched to MacPorts GCC 4.4 for building gnustep-make and gnustep-base. Added libcipher to gnustep-base since it was missing. Passing extra options to gnustep-base's configure since it apparently gets confused about which GCC to use.
various poppler dependents: increment revision to force rebuild against new libpoppler.13. Old version was libpoppler.12.
19 ports dependent on poppler, increased revision due to library version change in r75618 (ref: #28000)
graphics/libpng upgraded version from 1.2.44 to 1.4.5 per ticket #23125, increased revision on all ports directly dependent upon libpng12.dylib
Remove wrong backslashes
whitespaces change gnustep-base
gnustep-make: update to 2.4.0
gnustep-make: use notes
gnustep-make: match gnustep portgroup's compiler selection
use supported_archs unconditionally, since MacPorts 1.9 has been out for awhile now
Rebuild poppler dependents against latest libpoppler.7 (was libpoppler.6).
update openssl to 1.0.0a and rev bump dependents (#25114, maintainer timeout)
Revbump all dependents of poppler to force rebuild after library version incremented by r69362 -- see #25495 and #25528
SQLClient: disable universal variant
gnustep-make is noarch
gworkspace: fix livecheck
gnustep-make: put back destroot.violate_mtree because this doesn't use the gnustep portgroup; see #16383
gnustep-gui: use giflib instead of libungif; see #17193
Indicate that all GNUstep ports (probably) violate the mtree; closes #16383
gnustep-make: set configure.compiler correctly (#22729)
gnustep-base: fix variant description issue
Remove "(default)" from the end of default variant descriptions because MacPorts now automatically marks default variants with "[+]".
Remove subversion dependency from ports using "fetch.type svn" because MacPorts 1.8 adds subversion to depends_fetch automatically when needed See
Change deprecated svn.tag to svn.revision See
"use_configure no" instead of "configure {}"
gnustep-core: don't override fetch and checksum phases; clearing distfiles is enough
Add missing required variable "platforms"
Forgotten patchfile.
GNUstep core (make, base, gui, back) updated, remember to install freetype --without-old-mac-fonts and aspell +nonls (default on macosx platform)
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