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GoogleTTS for OS X

This is an implementation of a voice synthesizer for OS X which uses Google Translate's text to speech private API. It's based on Apple's example code MorseSynthesizer. It comes with two voices, "Elizabeth" for English and "Miku" for Japanese. (These are random names that have nothing to do with Google's internal names for these voices, if such names exist. In any case, their entire difference is choice of different language from Google Translate.)

It works by requesting the synthesized MP3 file from into a NSData object and then playing it using AVAudioPlayer. It also forces the user agent to be something more sensible than the default when dataWithContentsOfURL: is used - otherwise, Google Translate's TTS refuses to work.

Unfortunately, playing via AVAudioPlayer is incorrect and fails miserably in anything but the command line utility say. To actually work properly, Core Audio should be utilized to play the data from and in-memory buffer. That's what MorseSynthesizer does, but that requires fiddling with playing an MP3 using Core Audio, which for this quick hack I didn't want to do.

To install:

sudo xcodebuild DSTROOT=/ install

Note: this uses a private API from Google, and a barely documented and rarely used plugin interface from Apple. I'm really not familiar with internals of either, and Core Audio is also somewhat abstract to me. I did some work with it previously, so I may end up playing with playing through it, but for now my goal of having a sensible Japanese TTS via at least command line is satisfied.

For the time being, anything written by Apple is covered by the Apple license (as documented in a few files) and anything else is to be considered to be under a BSD license and (c) 2012 Ivan Vučica.

Patches are welcome.

Ivan Vučica -

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