Small script to convert Croatian writing (which is phonetic) into similar-sounding katakana.

Primarily written for playing with text-to-speech engines, which traditionally have very poor support for Croatian (but there are many engines that support Japanese very well). Since it's easier to convert from phonetic to phonetic language, Japanese was an obvious target language.

Initially I converted to hiragana, since it doesn't really matter which script one converts to when it comes to these engines. But, katakana is what foreign words are supposed to be written in, so the hiraganized string is converted into katakana.

Spaces are intentionally not converted into cdots, since that breaks at least Google's TTS engine (inserting too much pauses).

Again, it mostly works for Croatian writing system. It may or may not work even for Croatian, much less any other writing system. This is a toy project.

(c) 2013 Ivan Vučica. See for license information.