These are a few small test files that basically do nothing more than document my experiments with libjingle. They are somewhat a documentation of my failures more than anything useful, but I'm still putting them out there in case someone is interested in understanding libjingle.


Attempt to get the following tutorial for libjingle to work:

However, I realized I had a too new version of libjingle. This was the first piece of code I pasted onto my machine that was supposed to interact with libjingle, but I never actually ran this.


Experimental code for compiling with revision 58. Got nowhere.


More experimental code for compiling with revision 58. Attempted to explore the guts of libjingle by attempting to circumvent XMPP-based signaling code, in order to figure out how to use only libjingle's NAT traversal and session establishment code by implementing my own signaling. Intention was to get my custom non-audio and non-video data, using my own signaling, to another peer.

I ended up concluding that libjingle's internals, at that time, didn't expose enough and required too much copypasting in order to do what I wanted to do.