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Functional X11 mainloop.

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 typedef struct _MdmEventSource
+  /* 'subclassing' GSource: include everything from source */
   GSource source;
+  /* Also include GPollFD */
   GPollFD event_poll_fd;
 } MdmEventSource;
 mdm_event_source_prepare (GSource *source,
 			  gint    *timeout)
-	return TRUE;
+	printf("%s\n", __PRETTY_FUNCTION__);
+		return FALSE;
 static gboolean
 mdm_event_source_check (GSource *gsource)
 static void
 mdm_event_source_finalize (GSource *source)
+	printf("%s\n", __PRETTY_FUNCTION__);
-static GSourceFuncs event_funcs = {
+static GSourceFuncs mdm_event_funcs = {
 	// Add X11 events into the event loop
-#if 0
-	GSource *gsource = g_source_new(&event_funcs, sizeof(MdmEventSource));
+#if 1
+	GSource *gsource = g_source_new(&mdm_event_funcs, sizeof(MdmEventSource));
 	MdmEventSource * source = (MdmEventSource*)gsource;
 	char *name = g_strdup_printf("MDM X11 Event source (%p)", display);
+	printf("Source name: %s\n", name);
 	g_source_set_name (gsource, name);
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