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+<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?><opml version="1.1"><head><title>Outline</title><dateCreated>Sat, 17 Mar 2012 16:29:09 GMT+00:00</dateCreated><dateModified>Sat, 17 Mar 2012 16:35:44 GMT+00:00</dateModified><ownerName>Ivan Vučica</ownerName><ownerEmail></ownerEmail><expansionState>3,6,8,9,10,14</expansionState><vertScrollState>1</vertScrollState><windowTop>100</windowTop><windowBottom>359</windowBottom><windowLeft>0</windowLeft><windowRight>715</windowRight></head><body><outline text="This is an example file."></outline><outline text="An outline contains multiple nodes."></outline><outline text="Each of these nodes can contain subnodes."><outline text="Subnodes can be created by expanding a node, selecting it and clicking &quot;Add Node&quot;."></outline><outline text="You can also move a node to become a subnode of its sibling node just above it. Just press &quot;Increase Indent&quot;."></outline></outline><outline text="Each node has multiple siblings."><outline text="Siblings are the other children of a node's parent."></outline></outline><outline text="A node can have attributes."><outline text="To edit attributes, open the Inspector using the toolbar."></outline></outline><outline text="A node can have a type."><outline text="To change the type, use the Inspector or the menu."></outline><outline text="Supported node types include those specified in the OPML 2.0 specification."></outline><outline text="Future versions of the program will include more node types."></outline><outline text="Child of this node is an &quot;inclusion&quot;. Inclusions are OPML files loaded from a remote URL and displayed as a read-only part of the tree."><outline text="Adam Curry's root" type="include" url=""></outline></outline></outline><outline text="Not all features are still supported nicely or completely."></outline><outline text="Be careful with Undo, it doesn't work correctly yet."></outline><outline text="Have fun exploring various uses of the OPML format, as well as using and developing this editor!"></outline></body></opml>