Ivan Vučica (ivucica)

Ivan Vučica
327a02e Fixed a syntax error when building gnustep-gui.
28d9728 Added a run-build.sh script which is supposed to also mount a deboutput directory on host filesystem, for easier access to the files that have been ...
5fa77f8 Added a hack that allows updating gnustep-ubuntu image with the 'latest container' (hopefully one built from previous gnustep-ubuntu image). Very hacky.
Ivan Vučica
77833e8 Added plenty more debug information. Fixed the ne2000 receiving bug by adding 'ki = 0' statement.
13df46f Added network sniffer to the_package.sh.
15b9a4b More networking debug output for ne2000. Added more comments for ne2000 receive_package code.
a24a820 Network devices on two machines should have different Mac addresses. :-)