Ivan Vučica avatar Ivan Vučica committed 437badc

Moved extern GameMode * gGame to gamemode.h.

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 #include "texture.h"
 #include "gm_level.h"
 #include "gm_credits.h"
+#include "gamemode.h"
-extern GameMode * gGame;
 extern bool gRunning;
 Button::Button(const std::string& textureFile,
+extern GameMode * gGame;
 #include <SDL/SDL_events.h>
 #include "bullet.h"
 #include "gm_level.h"
+#include "gamemode.h"
 static const double playerShipAngleV = 180;
 static const double playerShipYV = 150;
-extern GameMode* gGame;
 PlayerShip::PlayerShip(const std::string& textureFile,
                        const double argX,
                        const double argY) : texture(new Texture(textureFile)), x(argX), y(argY), angle(0), angleV(0), yv(0)
 SDL_Surface * gScreen = NULL;
 bool gRunning = true;
-extern GameMode * gGame;
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