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     Layer *layer(new Layer("background.png", gScreen->w / 2,gScreen->h / 2));
-    Button *newgameButton(new NewGameButton("newgame.png", 130, 50));
+    Button *newgameButton(new NewGameButton("newgame.png", 130, 100));
-    Button *optionsButton(new OptionsButton("options.png", 130, 175));
+    Button *optionsButton(new OptionsButton("options.png", 130, 160));
-    Button *creditsButton(new CreditsButton("credits.png", 130, 300));
+    Button *creditsButton(new CreditsButton("credits.png", 130, 220));
-    Button *exitButton(new ExitButton("exit.png", 130, 450));
+    Button *exitButton(new ExitButton("exit.png", 130, 335));
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