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Popravljen zvuk.

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 SDL_Surface* particleSprite;
 SDL_Surface* raketaSprite;
+Mix_Music *pjesma = NULL;
 int igraSeJosUvijekVrti = 1;
 void updateRaketa (Particle *raketa, float dt);
     memset (&raketa, 0, sizeof(Particle));
     memset (&partikli[0], 0, sizeof(Particle)*MAX_PARTIKLA);
+    Mix_OpenAudio(22050,MIX_DEFAULT_FORMAT,2,4096);
+    pjesma=Mix_LoadMUS("pjesma.wav");
 		if(partikli[i].t <= 0)
-			Mix_OpenAudio(22050,MIX_DEFAULT_FORMAT,2,4096);
-			Mix_Music *pjesma = NULL;
-			pjesma=Mix_LoadMUS("pjesma.wav");
 			float brzina = (rand () % 10000) / 100. - 50.;
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