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Osnovne modifikacije početne stranice.

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-			{\large\sffamily SVEU\v{C}ILI\v{S}TE U ZAGREBU}
+			{\large\bfseries\sffamily\MakeUppercase{Tehni\v{c}ko veleu\v{c}ili\v{s}te u Zagrebu}}
-			{\large\bfseries\sffamily FAKULTET ELEKTROTEHNIKE I RA\v{C}UNARSTVA}
+			{\large\sffamily\MakeUppercase{Stru\v{c}ni studij ra\v{c}unarstva}}
 			  {\large\sffamily ZAVR\v{S}NI RAD br.~\@thesisnumber \par}%
 			\else \if@raddiplomski%
 			  {\large\sffamily DIPLOMSKI RAD br.~\@thesisnumber \par}%
-			\else {\large\sffamily\bfseries SEMINAR \par}%
+%			\else {\large\sffamily\bfseries SEMINAR \par}%
 			\if@radseminar \vskip 3em%
 			\else \vskip 1em%
-			{\huge \bfseries\sffamily \@title \par}%
+			{\large\sffamily\lineskip .75em \@author}
+			\vskip 1em%
+			{\huge \bfseries\sffamily \MakeUppercase \@title \par}%
 			\vskip 1em%
 			{\large\sffamily\lineskip .75em%
-	        	\if@radseminar%
-	        	  {\itshape \@author} \\
-	        	  Voditelj: {\itshape \@voditelj}
-	        	\else
-				    \@author
-				\fi
+%	        	\if@radseminar%
+%	        	  {\itshape \@author} \\
+%	        	  Voditelj: {\itshape \@voditelj}
+%	        	\else
+%				    \@author
+%				\fi
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