Ivan Vučica committed b40f7de

Separated default account data into defaults.php

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-cfe24ec9f3fc9b38893e24e4ba6380009691b023 zxmpp
+52dade6f4749f3f42113d386a6b5dd880257842f zxmpp


+$pong_server = "";
+$pong_user = "";
+$pong_pass = "123";
 <link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>
 <script src="pong.js"></script>
+if(file_exists("defaults.php")) include_once 'defaults.php';
 <h1>TVZ Pong</h1>
 <div class="loginbox" id="loginbox">
-	<label>Server: <input id="pongServer" class="server" value=""></label>
-	<label>Username: <input id="pongUsername" class="username" placeholder="" value=""></label>
-	<label>Password: <input id="pongPassword" class="password" type="password" value="123"></label>
+	<label>Server: <input id="pongServer" class="server" value="<?=$pong_server?>"></label>
+	<label>Username: <input id="pongUsername" class="username" placeholder="" value="<?=$pong_user?>"></label>
+	<label>Password: <input id="pongPassword" class="password" type="password" value="<?=$pong_pass?>"></label>
 	<input type="button" value="Log in" class="button" onclick="pongLogin(document.getElementById('pongServer').value, document.getElementById('pongUsername').value, document.getElementById('pongPassword').value);">
     for (var resource in presences)
-        if(presences[resource].caps && presences[resource].caps.supports(""))
+        var presence = presences[resource];
+        if(presence.caps && presence.caps.supports(""))
             supportsPong = true;
     return supportsPong;
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