This is a Composer-based installer for the OpenEDU Drupal distribution.

Get Started

composer create-project imagex/openedu-project MY_PROJECT

Composer will create a new directory called MY_PROJECT containing a docroot directory with a full OpenEDU code base. Once your webserver is pointing to the docroot folder, you can then install it using either drush si or via your web browser like any other drupal installation.

PHP Performance

The sample content contained in the OpenEDU distribution (and enabled by default) is quite large, you may need to raise your PHP memory_limit setting to >= 192MB and potentially your max_execution_time to >= 60. Once installed, you are safe to restore these to their initial values.

Helpful Tips

  • The docroot folder represents the web root for your site (the folder your web server points to).
  • Some helpful tools can be found in the bin folder.
  • Composer commands are always run from the site root.
  • Downloading additional modules: composer require "drupal/devel:1.x-dev"
  • Updating an existing module: composer update drupal/devel -–with-dependencies

Version Control

The provided .gitignore in the root contains all directories expected to be installed using composer.

When you first install your project, Composer will create a file called composer.lock that keeps track of your dependencies and which version is installed.

You want to Commit composer.lock ! This will ensure that anyone collaborating on the project will also install the same versions when running composer install

Further Information

The codebase of OpenEDU is hosted here and contains information about Installation, Updating and Changelog.