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File snaplet-auth-scrypt.cabal

-Name:                maelstrom
+Name:                snaplet-auth-scrypt
 Version:             0.0.1
-Synopsis:            A distributed, fault-tolerant, soft real-time stream processing platform.
+Synopsis:            An scrypt replacement for the shipped auth snaplet that uses password-store
-Description:         Maelstrom is a platform for generalized and soft real-time computational work-loads across a cluster of nodes.
+Description:         Snap ships with an Auth snaplet that uses the Crypto.PasswordStore API to create passwords; which is sub-par. This package replaces password-store with Crypto.Scrypt to generate and verify passwords.
 License:             BSD3
-Copyright:           (c) 2012 Parnell Springmeyer
+Copyright:           (c) 2013 Parnell Springmeyer
-Category:            HPC Computation Cluster Distributed Stream-Computing
+Category:            Snap web www
 Build-type:          Simple
 Stability:           alpha
 Tested-with:         GHC == 7.4.1
   Ghc-options: -Wall
   Build-depends: base >= && < 4.6,
-                 network-fancy >= && < 0.1.6,
+                 scrypt >= 0.1 && < 0.2,
 Source-repository head
   Type:     hg
-  Location:
+  Location: