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More ie fixes

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 /* todo: this fucker of ie6 doesn't want the dashboard to take full width... */
+html, body {
+    _overflow: auto;
+    _width: 100%;
 #content {
     *min-width: 98%;


+#header #navigation-menu li {
+    height: 35px;
+    margin: 0;
+#header #navigation-menu li a {
+    white-space: nowrap;
+#header #navigation-menu li span {
+    /* fuck you ie */
+    display: none;
 #header #navigation-menu li ul li {
-    margin: 0;
-    height: 34px;
-    /* IE6 only */
-    _width: 200px;
+    _width: 220px;
 #header #navigation-menu li ul li a {


     border: 1px solid #ededed;
     border-width: 0 1px 1px 1px;
     text-transform: none;
-    min-width: 170px;
+    min-width: 180px;
 #header ul#navigation-menu li ul li span {
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