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File admin_tools/dashboard/

     If you want to customize the look of your dashboard and it's modules, you
     can declare css stylesheets and/or javascript files to include when
-    rendering the dashboard, for example::
+    rendering the dashboard (these files should be placed in your
+    media path), for example::
         from admin_tools.dashboard import Dashboard
         class MyDashboard(Dashboard):
             class Media:
-                css = ('/media/css/mydashboard.css',)
-                js = ('/media/js/mydashboard.js',)
+                css = ('css/mydashboard.css',)
+                js = ('js/mydashboard.js',)
     Here's an example of a custom dashboard::

File docs/dashboard.rst

 Make sure you read this before creating your custom dashboard and
 custom modules.
+    If your layout seems to be broken or you have problems with
+    included javascript files, you should try to reset your dashboard
+    preferences (assuming a MySQL backend)::
+        python manage dbshell
+        mysql> truncate admin_tools_dashboard_preferences;
+    For more information see `this issue
+    <>`_.
 .. module:: admin_tools.dashboard
 The ``Dashboard`` class