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Andy Baker
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  1. Andy Baker reporter

    I was trying to pip install directly from the repo trunk.

    There were no requirements mentioned in the docs. I can't see any requirements in either. I got caught by the issue reported at #107 trying to run test_proj. However before that it complained about South so there is at least one requirement needed.

  2. David Jean Louis repo owner

    OK, thanks for your reply.

    Just to clarify things, the test_proj is just here for unit tests, so I'm not sure how you run the test proj, but this is explained here:

    Regarding dependencies, django-admin-tools only requires django itself, south is optional, as is the feedparser module, again this is documented here:

    That said you raise a valid point, the (not the requirements.txt) should mention these required and optional dependencies (via install_require directive and so on), I'll log an issue for this


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