should include dependencies directives

Issue #110 wontfix
David Jean Louis
repo owner created an issue

See setuptools install_requires and extras_requires.

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  1. Mikhail Korobov

    I think django shouldn't be in install_requires because it make no sense to install django by installing django-admin-tools. This also may break things, e.g. override symlinked django or django installed from pip -e git+... repo (django doesn't use setuptools and so setuptools can't reliably know if django is installed or not) or occasionally update django by updating django-admin-tools with pip install -U. I like requirements.txt proposal better than switching from distutils to setuptools but that's personal preferences.

  2. David Jean Louis reporter

    Hi Mikhail ! Good point I didn't think of it, it could break install badly indeed, I'm closing the issue, my take on this is that what is already in the documentation is sufficient.

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