Issue #112 resolved
Diederik van der Boor
created an issue

Currently django-admin-tools does not work properly for Django 1.4. I just copy a admin/base.html template to each project now, but that's just silly.

Could you release a version that works with 1.4? (and for example, 1.3 users could keep using the old admin-tools)

Secondly, because of the low response/update cycle, would you be willing to hand over maintainership to a new developer?

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  1. David Jean Louis repo owner

    Hi, maintainer here.

    My current work doesn't leave me enough time to fix this issue and all pull requests/fixes I got so far are too incomplete (missing docs, tests, etc.).

    Many people still use django 1.3 or below and if we break 1.3 support a strong effort must be made on communication (release notes, docs, etc.) because it could break *a lot* of installs and will generate angry users ;)

    I'll be glad to give commit/release access to somebody who will come with a complete pull request (@Raffaele Salmaso or @Pavel Sysolyatin or anybody else...).


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