Omit object name from Django's TabularInline admin view

Issue #113 wontfix
Mridang Agarwalla
created an issue

When displaying a TabularInline in Django, the value of each field is displayed. This often breaks formatting. Here's a StackOverflow question that discusses this and also provides the solution:

The solution is to edit theming.css and add these two CSS selectors:

td.original p {
  visibility: hidden

.inline-group .tabular tr.has_original td {
    padding-top: 0em;

I've tested this with my installation and it doesn't break anything. This seems to be an issue that the Django developers haven't been addressing. Maybe you could address this and help fill the void.

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  1. David Jean Louis repo owner

    Thanks for the suggestion but I'm not sure about it. I suspect not everyone want this behavior. Also this is a bit out of the scope of django-admin-tools and can be done easily by overriding the theming.css.

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