Are cookies the right place to store bookmarks?

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Alex Robbins
created an issue

It seems like cookies might not be the right place to store bookmarks. If I switch browsers, or use a different computer than normal, all my bookmarks will be gone.

Bookmarks could be stored in the database, added and removed using a simple ajax view that the existing favorite star interacts with.

This would also give us the ability to gracefully degrade and provide bookmarks for users without javascript.

Just thinking out loud. Alex

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  1. David Jean Louis repo owner
    • changed status to open

    That's a very good question... In fact I wanted to keep django-admin-tools as unobstrusive as possible (e.g. no syncdb, no urls...) but I think if we want to provide some more cool features this will be required at some point.

    For example, a db usage that comes to my mind is the possibility to create dashboards via the admin site, select modules for it and assign it to users, thus you could have different dashboards across users.

    What do you think people will prefer, the unobstrusive approach or the db approach that will make those things possible ?

  2. Alex Robbins reporter

    I can't speak for most people, but I know that I would much rather have syncdb and the ability to create dashboards via the admin.

    Right now if the user switches browsers they'll lose cookies and session. All the state (minimized, closed, rearranged, bookmarks) will be lost. I think that violates user expectations. If we still know who they are after they login, then we should still know how their modules were set up. (Like an igoogle homepage.)

    Without the db approach there are going to be a lot of limits. I understand how nice it is to just add it to installed apps and see the magic, but adding a line to the and running syncdb are pretty standard. No one should be scared of that.

  3. Alex Robbins reporter

    Sure, I'll try and code it up some time this weekend. I forked the project and I'll work on a db backend for the user changes. I'll try and get all the state information saved into the db. I'll let you know when I have something functional.


  4. Alex Robbins reporter

    Just wanted to let you know I am still working on it. Making some progress, but I forgot about Valentine's Day so I have less time that I thought this weekend.

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