django 1.8 deprecation warnings, migrations

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Radomir Wojcik
created an issue

There are two warnings for admin tools that propagate when updating to django 1.8, in regards to dj 1.9:

/proj/lib/admin_tools/ RemovedInDjango19Warning: django.utils.importlib will be removed in Django 1.9.
  from django.utils.importlib import import_module

/proj/lib/admin_tools/dashboard/ RemovedInDjango19Warning: The django.forms.util module has been renamed. Use django.forms.utils instead.
  from django.forms.util import flatatt

Also need to makemigrations for all admin_tools, as of django 1.9 there will be no more syncdb and the south migrations are obsolete as of django 1.7

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