djangoCMS2.0.2 and django-admin-tools incompatibility

Issue #16 resolved
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"can`t integrate your latest django-admin-tools with django-cms2.0.2. First guess - jquery 1.4.1 (django-admin-tools) and jquery 1.3.smth (djangoCMS) incompatibility. "

something I posted a few hours ago in the Google Groups. I invested an hour or two into the problem.


Page model controls (the nice-looking page tree) just dont show up with the '' module in INSTALLED_APPS. Plugin inserting controls arent there too.

Things I tried:

I tried symlinking DjangoCMS`s jquery.js to the latest jquery1.4.1.min.js from the admin-tools media. The problem persisted.

Things that work fine:

dashboard and theme modules work just fine with the CMS. DjangoCMS seems to have no problems even with jquery.1.4.1 on ( with the menu module turned off).

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