Pip install not getting urls.py files

Issue #19 invalid
Tom Brander
created an issue

I installed the system as per inst, and found no urls.py in root or menu of project so got template error overall since no module defined... it is here so I'm working through a manual install. Looks like a packaging issue? forms.py missing from menu via pip also

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  1. David Jean Louis repo owner


    if you installed django-admin-tools via pip by doing:

    $ pip install django-admin-tools

    then it's normal that you don't get urls.py or forms.py, those files were introduced after the 0.2.0 release. The documentation is for the "tip" version of django-admin-tools, I should probably make this clearer.

    To get the tip version just do:

    $ pip install -e hg+http://bitbucket.org/izi/django-admin-tools/#egg=django-admin-tools


    -- David

  2. Anonymous

    well, I'm not sure how you are saying invalid since those are the instructions (which make no mention of installing tip.. and do mention using the templates...;-) either doc should change or package!

  3. David Jean Louis repo owner


    I am not saying the bug is invalid, I just set the status to "invalid" because it is not a packaging issue, it's a documentation issue, the doc being "too up-to-date", thanks for pointing this, I'll release a 0.2.0 version soon, I'm busy with my job at the moment, but I hope to release it next week.


    -- David

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