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Tom Brander
created an issue

package issues need resolution and media url useage is incompatable we would need static url (you could fall back to media url if static url not avail) (at pycon sprint)

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  1. David Jean Louis repo owner
    • changed status to open


    what do you mean by "static urls" ? Do you mean something like a "ADMIN_TOOLS_MEDIA_URL" setting ? can you be clearer, I'll be glad to fix this if you give me more pointers.


    -- David

  2. Tom Brander reporter

    I forwarded you comment on to lead dev for Pinax Brosner for a more precise explanation about the way Pinax need static file layout. But he did also observe that we would also need to have a "release" package and not point to tip. as mentioned in prior issue which is marked invalid. I also noted there that doc and package do not match the doc says do pip install and nothing about tip, and also mention the templates.. so...

  3. Tom Brander reporter

    Got a message back from Brosner (pinax) that the fix was exactly what he was looking for with a package fix they may be considering, don't know at this point since I'm not sitting next to them (Brosner and Tauber) anymore. I'll probably give it a go shortly even if they do not.

    Thanks, Best

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