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After installing django-admin-tools, when I log into admin area, which runs over https, all the urls that are generated by the reverse lookup method from django.core.urlresolvers, have the site name (without .com) after the actual site name, so it's somehow doubled and when accesses, the links redirect back to nonsecured protocol. ex. Change password link: When I click this link (which is in fact wrong) it redirects to the nonsecured url:

Does anyone have a clue?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. David Jean Louis repo owner


    No idea, but I doubt this is related to django-admin-tools, for example the password_change url is untouched by admin_tools, the base.html template is the same.

    What's the value of the domain field in /admin/sites/site/1/ ? What django version are you using ? Do you reproduce the problem if you comment out the admin_tools apps in your ?


    -- David

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