More than 5 modules caues layout error

Issue #47 duplicate
Tom von Schwerdtner
created an issue

To illustrate I created a dashboard with nothing but "Recent Actions" modules. With 5 modules it is rendered correct:

Adding a sixth causes problems:

looking at the source tree, it looks like two modules are being rendered outside of a dashboard-column, which I guess is the problem:

I'm guessing it's a javascript layout issue...?

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  1. Tom von Schwerdtner reporter

    Aight, i don't know how this happened, but I saw that init_dashboard wasn't accounting for all the modules, so I sent over the admin_tools/dashboard/set_preferences and manually tweaked it.. things are working fine now, if nobody else reprots this I guess it was just screwing around on my end that caused it (though I didn't mess with css/js).

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