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Issue #49 resolved

drop empty Group()'s from admin index

Klemens Mantzos
created an issue



at grappelli-admin-tools we use different templates.

i.e. we render a title for Group()'s

when there is a Group without items (user has no permissions to read any of the Group's childrens) grappelli-admin-tools renders a div with a title in it but no items :(

we decided to keep the python code as is. instead i added some ugly js hack ;)


it seems like in django-admin-tools the div.group gets rendered but it seems like it's not a big problem because you might don't see it.

anyways...maybe you wanna add the ugly js hack. or maybe you wanna think about preventing the Group() from rendering if the user cant see any of its contents...

greets, klemens

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