add modules parent (group) to context

Issue #55 wontfix
Klemens Mantzos
created an issue


the grappelli-team would like to have a parent context variable in the modules templates if it's rendered within an other module (group).

i'm not 100% sure, but it should be a one-liner in the _init_with_context (if context has a module variable, that's the parent).

please send feedback if/when you going to push that.

greetings, klemens

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  1. Klemens Mantzos reporter

    only thing i remember is: made a js hack to work around this. thus we don't need to fix this. but it would be nice anyways.

    so IMO it's up to you. you can close it, if you wan't to.

    as soon as I wanna get rid of our js hack i'll send you a pull request anyways.

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