Themeing elements not showing up Django 1.3

Issue #80 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

This is the first time I've installed this app, and it is on my project space now using Django 1.3. I've run collectstatic and it did collect the media. I have the apps listed just before the admin in the app list and I've included the URLs. I can tell from the Django Debug Tool bar that it is using your templates, but it is missing the blue textures and various backround parts so the entire top bar txt doesn't show up unless you highlight it. I wonder if this is a Django 1.3 issue or what the deal is ...

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  1. Anonymous

    Sorry, somehow one of the graphic files was not captured in collect static, I manually copied it and the theming elements show up. This is issue can be resolved.

  2. Anonymous

    Still seems to be an issue with the menu not showing up in Django 1.3. Anyone else having this issue?

  3. Anonymous

    The problem is that the static files for the menu apps are in the media/ directory but are missing for the static/ directory. Looks like a copy error.

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