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In the docs here:

I believe another option is for the user to disable South migrations for admin_tools by adding something like this to {{{ SOUTH_MIGRATION_MODULES = { 'admin_tools.dashboard': 'ignore', '': 'ignore', } }}}

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  1. Mikhail Korobov

    Hm, but users will need to run migrations anyway, and earlier they will run the migrations easier it will be. Next release will include a migration for dashboard. If users install 0.4 following your advice, they will need more complex upgrade procedure (skip the initial migration for the dashboard); if they will follow the current documentation, upgrade will be painless.

    In fact running ' migrate' both at first install and at upgrades is enough in most cases, and the more verbose example in docs is added only for sanity (to prevent users from running migrations from the other apps that are not run yet).

    Do you have negative experience with the current solution? What are the exact issues with it?

  2. David Jean Louis repo owner

    Disabling the migrations is not recommended, this will break your setup when upgrading django-admin-tools if a migration needs to be applied in the new release. I'm closing the issue.

    Thanks anyway.

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