Disabled menu items displayed under dashboard's widgets

Issue #83 resolved
Gabriel Olivério
created an issue

All disabled menu items are being displayed under the dashboard's widgets when hovered.

With a little change at line 155 of the file 'menu.css' the problem is solved.

Change from this:



header ul#navigation-menu li.disabled:hover,

}}} To this:



header ul#navigation-menu li.disabled a:hover,


Tested on Firefox 3.6, Chrome 10 and Opera. While I on Linux at the moment, I couldn't test the change on (argh) Microsoft Internet Explorer. Hope this helps, and sorry for the poor English.

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  1. David Jean Louis repo owner
    • changed status to open

    Hi, sorry for the delay. Thanks for the patch. I've found another problem with disabled items: children of disabled menu items should not be displayed, I'll fix this ASAP.

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