Dashboard index: Error in columns calculation

Issue #85 resolved
Hraban Ramm
created an issue

If I have more than five modules in my custom dashboard index, there’s an additional </div> after the fifth module and everything else gets added two columns wide, chrome starting behind the start of the first column. This is, when I stay at the default of two columns. If I set columns=3, the fifth module and everything else is only 1/3 column wide. With columns=4 it’s 1/4 column width.

The error is in the jquery.dashboard plugin’s _columnize function, always the last element (module) doesn’t get wrapped with the div.dashboard-column, but I didn’t manage to fix it...

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  1. Tino de Bruijn


    I experienced this problem as well. It happens when you add a panel (an AppList or LinkList etc.) and you already have saved preferences. This is because the preferences['columns'] array is not in sync with the number of elts defined there.

    I attached a patch that fixes this.

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