javascript error: dashboard jquery plugin disappears?

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I'm running the trunk version of admin-tools installed on my workstation, and I'm using Chrome 12.0.742.124 on Linux.

I noticed that sometimes if I click the dashboard button at the top left of the admin site enough I will eventually get a javascript error. Usually every 5 or so refreshes will produce it. The error is "Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'dashboard'".

At first I thought it may be a load order issue, but I wrapped a try/catch block with a setTimeout(init_dashboard, 2000) inside the init_dashboard function and it still failed. I also added a few debugging statements, and I can clearly see that the dashboard plugin is being loaded before it's being called upon.

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  1. Anonymous

    After a bit of googling, I replaced all of the "$" references to jquery with "jQuery" instead and it fixed the problem.

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